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fe motor identification and ford 406 the h a m b

1962 Ford Galaxie 406 A Profile of a Muscle Car

The 1962 Ford Galaxie 406 brought newfound power to the company's muscle cars.Ford began 1962 without an engine over 400 cid,a serious deficiency against 409 Chevys,413 Mopars,and 421 Pontiacs.The remedy came partway into the season with an enlargement of the 390-cid Ford to 406 cubic inches.Ford Galaxie Image Gallery1962 Ford Galaxie 406 HemmingsThe first is the B-coded Thunderbird 406, the key components being an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold designed to accept a single Holley four-barrel carburetor,which provided a fuel/air mixture at the rate of 600 CFM.In this configuration,the 406 touted a factory rating of 385hp at 5,800 RPM with 444-lb ft of torque at 3,400 RPM.1963 Model Year - 427 Galaxie RegistryThere was no identification tag used on the 1963 model year engine.Ford didn't start using these tags until January of 1964.The engine block is part number C3AE-6015-AB with a 4.23 cylinder bore.The crankshaft was made from cast iron,part number C3AE-6303-B,and had oiling grooves on all journals.

332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum

332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum Do you have questions regarding your 332-428 cubic inch FE series Ford engine? Discuss identification,hop-up tips,overhaul,history,etc.Site Help Suggestions 113.7K Topics 901.8K Posts Last post Galaxie C6 From Column To 390-428 FE Complete Engines Barnett High PerformanceFE 390-428 type engine Auto and Marine .For less expensive engines see our engine rebuilding page! Budget 390cid up to 440hp 450 torque Street 90-93 octane OEM block fully machined OEM crank Forged rods Hyper pistons Harland Sharp roller rockers Custom hyd roller cam Edelbrock Dual plane intakeAutomotive History The Ford FE Series V8 Engine The FE engine had a wider bore-spacing (separation between bore centers) that the Y-block,with 4.63 instead of 4.38.In essence,the FE engine is neither a small block nor a large block engine,but a medium block.Fords M-E-L and 385 engines,with their 4.90 bore spacing,were the true big blocks.

Block - Ford casting ID numbers and part identification

A source database for the mustang hobbyist.Find detail information for your Mustang and Shelby Fan Clutch.FE 352 390 406 410 427 428CJ,Small block 289Decoding Ford casting numbers - Ford casting ID numbers It identifies which Ford engineering group designed the part and to which major component group the part belongs to.Take this example,C8AE-8505-H contains letter E which identify this part as an engine component or belonging to the engine division.In fact this isFE Connecting Rods 390 406 410 427 428 Ford RodsFord 390 406 410 427 and 428 FE Engine Rods Specs and Prices.Length Rod length of the connecting rod,as measured center to center,in inches.; Wt Weight in grams,of one complete connecting rod assembly; Notes Additional information about specific applications; Jrnl Crank rod journal diameter; Pin Size Piston pin diameter,in inches or millimeters; BE Width of the crankshaft end of one rod

FE Engine Camshaft Specifications

*C4A5-6250-B 427 63/67 Mech .025 22 ° BTC 36 ° ATC 88 ° ABC 28 ° ABC 88 ° BBC 31 ° BBC 56 ° ATC 3 ° ATC 324 ° 324 ° .248 .500 112 ° (Upside Down A)M Between Dist Gear and First Journal C6AZ-6250-A 390/428 390--GT 67/69 Hyd 16 ° BTC 32 ° ATC 68 ° ABC 8 ° ABC 55 ° BBC 7 ° BBC 21 ° ATC 31 ° BTC 256 ° 256 °FE motor identification and Ford 406 The H.A.M.B.·This guide covers engine block casting numbers associated with Ford Y-Block,FE,Windsor,Cleveland,big-block Ford,and more!Ford Engine Block Casting Numbers - Roadkill CustomsFord Engine Block Casting Numbers July 23,2013 Roadkill Customs Technical Info Fords part number convention generally follows the format of a four digit casting code,followed by a four digit basic part number,which will be 6015 for an engine block,followed by the revision version.

Ford FE Camshaft Specifications - MercuryStuff

Ford FE Camshaft Specifications.Part Number Application Lifter Lash Intake Events Exhaust Events Duration Lift Overlap Identification Engine Year Open Close Open Close Intake Exhaust Lobe Valve Mark Location C0AZ-6250-A 352/390 60/62 Hyd 26 ° BTC 31 ° ATC 390/406--V4,V6,8V 428--PC 63 66 Mech .025 40 ° 30 BTC 14 ° 30 ATC 85 ° 30 ABCFord FE Casting Numbers - Era Replica AutomobilesFord FE Casting Numbers Blocks.The casting number is on the right (passenger) side of the block,in the front.FE (330-428 SCJ) note nearly all FE blocks have 352 cast on the front of them.Ford FE Engine Intake Manifolds Ultimate Guide by DIY FordIntake InterchangeabilityRecommendations First Then The DetailsPressure CheckingBolting It OnMaking It FitMilling Intake ManifoldsPort Matching and BeyondFinal InstallationAs a lead in to the manifold discussion,it is important to note that every intake does not physically fit onto every FE engine.But the vast majority of them do.The exceptions are the same ones noted in Chapter 6.The 427 SOHC obviously uses a unique intake that does not at all resemble any other FE part.Closer to a 429/460 intake from an external appearance,the SOHC intake does not have the characteristic FE valve cover rail.RelSee more on diyfordFord OHV V8 Cylinder Head Casting Numbers Reference GuideEngine Families.This article covers a number of Ford V8 engine families.They are Y-Block small-block Produced in the US from 1954 until 1964,the Y-Block was the small-block replacement for the Flathead V8 and is where this article starts.Common factory displacements ranged from 239 cubic inches to 312 cubic inches.

Ford FE Engine Power Secrets - Hot Rod Engine Tech

Ford FE Engine Power Secrets Ford built FEs from 1958 through 1976,in a wide variety of configurations.Displacements included 332,352,360,390,406,410,427,and 428.Ford FE Engine Specifications - MercuryStuffDisplacement (Cu.In.) 352 390 390 390 406 410 427 428 Carburetor Venturi 2V 4V 2V 4V 6V 4V 6V 4V 4V 6V 4V Horsepower (Bhp / rpm) (bhp /rpm) 220 Ford FE Intake Manifold ID Classic CarsIntake Manifold ID Application Part Number Engine Year Type Material Bore Diameters Port Sizes Remarks Primary Secondary Width Height C1AE-9424-A 352

Ford Part Numbers,Casting Numbers,and Date Codes

Another part is provided for 1968 Ford Thunderbirds with fixed steering wheels,and it is C8MY-7A247-A (SW-649) with revision I.D.Markings of F,G,H,J or K.Note that this switch was originally designed for the Mercury Division,due to the M as the third digit in the part number.Head Casting Numbers Chart - 332-428 Ford FE Engine ForumFord FE Head Casting Numbers Low Riser Heads Casting # Engine Valves Chamber CC C0AE-D 352HP/390HP 2.02/1.55 60-63 C0AE-H 352HP 2.02/1.55 59-62 C1AE-A 390 2.02/1.55 71-74 C2SE-A 390HP 2.02/1.55 62-64 C2SE-B 406 2.02/1.55 59-62 C2SE-C 406 2.02/1.55 62-64 C3AE-C 406 2.02/1.55 57-61 C3AE-D 427 LR 2.09/1.65 64-67How To Identify Classic Ford V-8 Engines - Modified While,for example,Pontiac made the 326,350,389,400,421,and 455 all from the same block,Ford had many different engine castings in production during this same period.

How to Identify a Ford 390 Block It Still Runs

A member of Ford's FE big-block engine family,the 390 cubic-inch block is difficult to distinguished from other FE engines,as many of its components are interchangeable.The 390 is a common FE engine,first introduced in 1961 and produced through 1971 for autos and 1976 for trucks.Begin by identifying the block as an FE and then compare the How to Tell What Type of Engine You Have By the Ford VIN Use the following list to determine the engine type based upon the eighth character of the VIN sequence if the vehicle is a light truck.A I-4 2.3L EFI or V-8 5.4L DOHC (Windsor plant) Intech B I-4 2.0L Zetech or I-4 2.5L OHV-DI (diesel) C I-4 2.5L EFI-SOHC D I-4 2.3L EFI Duratech 23 E V-6 4.0L EFI-SOHC F V-8 7.3L Navistar Turbo-Diesel H V-8 DOHC K V-6 4.0L SOHC Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

The Classic Ford facts about Classic 1963 Ford ID Numbers

Engine codes S=144 cid Six (Falcon) U=170 cid Six (Falcon) F=260 cid V8 (Falcon) V=223 cid six W=292 cid V8 X=352 cid V8 w/2 barrel carb.Z=390 cid V8 w/4 barrel carb.M or Q=390 cid high performance B or G=406 cid high performanceVintage and Classic Exhaust for Ford Galaxie for sale 62 63 64 FORD GALAXIE 406 427 FE THUNDERBOLT CAST IRON EXHAUST MANIFOLDS (Fits More than one vehicle) 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL FE Left Exhaust Manifold 352 390 1964-1966.$150.00. Ford Lincoln Mercury 3/8 Engine Exhaust Intake Manifold Head Stud Bolt 4pcs J (Fits More than one vehicle)Vintage and Classic Parts for 1962 for Ford Galaxie 500 NOS Ford R/M 1961 1964 Galaxie Thunderbird Water Pump 1962 1963 352 390 406 427.$239.00.Free shipping. STAMPED FORD DATA PLATE CAR TRUCK PICKUP SERIAL NUMBER TAG ID VIN MADE IN USA (Fits 1962 Ford Galaxie 500) $14.90.$3.85 shipping.


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