microstructure mechanical and tribological properties of


microstructure mechanical and tribological properties of


@inproceedings{Madhusudhanan2019EFFECTON,title={EFFECT OF NICKEL ON THE MICROSTRUCTURE,MECHANICAL AND TRIBOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF AUSTEMPERED DUCTILE CAST IRON FOR STEERING KNUCKLE APPLICATIONS},author={S.Madhusudhanan and I.Rajendran},year={2019} } S.Madhusudhanan,I.Rajendran Published 2019 3.1.Composition and phase structure

Author Ismail Hakk Kara,Alper IncesuPublish Year 2021Microstructure,Mechanical Properties and Tribological

The microstructure,mechanical,and tribological properties of the NiAl-HEA composites were investigated.Microstructural analyses show that after SPS,the HEA phase homogenously distributed in the NiAl matrix.Non-uniform diffusion of various elements occurred during theAuthor Zhitao Yu,Minghui Chen,Qunchang Wang,Xiaolan Wang,Fuhui WangPublish Year 2021Optimizing the Microstructure,Mechanical,and Si doped diamond-like carbon (Si-DLC) films were deposited on nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR),and the effects of deposition parameters on the mechanical and tribological properties of an Si-DLC top layer on NBR were investigated.Then,the sample with the best performance is selected to investigate its tribological behaviors and mechanism under different contact loads.Cited by 10Publish Year 2016Author Dongqing He,Jibin Pu,Liping Wang,Guangan Zhang,Yongxin Wang,Qunji XueA novel method to prepare selflubricity of Si3N4/Ag ·A novel method to prepare selflubricity of Si 3 N 4 /Ag composite Microstructure,mechanical and tribological properties Jiongjie Liu State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubrication,Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou,China

Cited by 17Publish Year 2018Author Hongbo Ju,Dian Yu,Junhua Xu,Lihua Yu,Yaoxiang Geng,Ting Gao,Guo Yi,Shunuo BianMicrostructural,Mechanical,and Tribological Properties

Jan 28,2021·Microstructural changes were also carried out by LOM and SEM analyses.Mechanical properties (hardness and tensile properties) and wear performances of HHT,LSR and HSR samples were compared.SEM fractography was conducted on tension test samples to visualize the deformation and fracture behaviors.Cited by 1Publish Year 2014Author Hua Tang,Du Zhang,Yuqi Wang,Yi Zhang,Xiaorui Ji,Haojie Song,Changsheng Li(PDF) Role of micro-factors on microstructure and on the PDF On Jan 1,2021,Alok Vats and others published Role of micro-factors on microstructure and on the tribological performance of HVOF coatings A review Find,read and cite all the research Cited by 1Publish Year 2020Author Guangqiao Liu,Zedong Wen,Kui Chen,Limei Dong,Zhenlu Wang,Bin Zhang,Li QiangInfluence of Cu Content on the Microstructure,Mechanical The microstructure,mechanical properties and tribological properties were investigated.The results showed that ZrNCu films were composed of face-centered cubice (fcc)-ZrN and face-centered cubic (fcc)-Cu.With the increase of Cu content,the hardness of ZrNCu composite film increased slowly first and then decreased rapidly.

Cited by 4Publish Year 2018Author Tong Chen,Tong Chen,Lihua Yu,Hongbo Ju,Junhua Xu,Shinji KoyamaInvestigation of Post-deposition Annealing Effects on

Jun 15,2016·Abstract.Nanocomposite WC/a-C coatings were successfully fabricated using a magnetron sputtering process,and post-deposition annealing was conducted in vacuum for 1 h at the annealing temperatures ranging from 100 to 500 °C.The changes in coating structure,internal stress,hardness,toughness,friction coefficient and wear have been investigated to assess the effects of annealing on microstructure,mechanical and tribological propertiesCited by 5Publish Year 2018Author Jiongjie Liu,Zixi Wang,Bing Yin,Jun Yang,Qichun Sun,Yulin Liu,Hui Tan,Zhuhui QiaoSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextCited by 5Publish Year 2018Author ShuQiang Zhou,XinYu Liu,Yi Xu(PDF) Study of Microstructure,Tribological,Thermal and Study of Microstructure,Tribological,Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)/Copper Nanocomposite October 2010 DOI 10.1063/1.3504307

Effect of Interfacial Microstructure on Mechanical and

Jan 23,2021·Interfacial microstructure and its effect on mechanical and tribological properties are investigated.High sintering temperature at 850 °C promotes decomposition of WS 2 and its following interfacial reaction with Cu to form Cu 0.4 W 0.6 nanoparticles and Cu 2 S,enhancing mechanical properties as well as wear resistance of the composites.Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Resistance The present study deals with the microstructural analysis and mechanical properties of resistance-spot-welded AISI-1008 steel joints utilizing multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as an interlayer.A thin layer of approximately 50 µm thickness of MWCNTs coating is used as an interlayer between the mating surfaces of the lap joints.The microstructural investigation of the weld nugget was Microstructure,Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Jan 01,2014·Moreover,the effects of Ag on mechanical and tribological properties of the novel composites were investigated.The friction test results showed that the friction coefficient of the pure Bi2212 against stainless steel is about 0.40 at ambient temperature and abruptly decreases to about 0.17 when the temperature is cooled to 77 K.

Microstructure,Mechanical and Tribological Properties of

mechanical and tribological properties were found to strongly depend on the chemical composition and the microstructure present.Very dense structures and high hardness and elastic modulus values,combined with low wear rates,were observed for films with chemical composition close to TiC.Power of Ag target (W) Elemental composition (at.%) Elemental composition (at.%) Elemental composition (at.%) Elemental composition (at.%) Ag V C N 0 0 ± 0 31.71 ± 1.35 14.07 ± 0.62 54.22 ± 2.37 10 0.72 ± 0.03 31.25 ± 1.33 13.95 ± 0.60 54.08 ± 2.36 15 1.57 ± 0.07 30.53 ± 1.30 13.88 ± 0.60 54.02 ± 2.36 2 more rows Jan 29 2021Author:Dian Yu,Lihua Yu,Isaac Asempah,Hongbo Ju,Junhua Xu,Shinji Koyama,Yin GaoCited by:1Publish Year:2020Microstructure,mechanical and tribological properties of Was this helpful?Microstructure,Mechanical and Tribological Properties of ·Composite Nb-V-C-N films with different carbon content were synthesized using reactive magnetron sputtering system,and the influence of carbon on the microstructure,mechanical,and tribological properties of niobium vanadium nitride films was investigated.


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